How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day If You’re Single AF

4. Babysit

If you’re a little younger, you might want to use this opportunity to earn yourself a little extra money by babysitting the kids of those who are celebrating V-day. It’s a special day, so you might even get away with charging surge prices, because you know they’re desperate to find a babysitter and it would be near impossible to find someone else last minute.

Hey, you can’t help it if love costs, right?

5. Get Some Chores Done

It’s “Lover’s Day” to everyone else, but “Just Another Day”, to you. So stop wallowing in the things that are not and snap back to reality. Or maybe you don’t want to be with someone. In that case, good for you! You don’t have anything else to do, so why not get some chores done and make your life a little bit easier?

6. Bake Your Feelings Away

Is there any better therapy than sugar therapy? If you’re feeling sad that you’re all alone on Valentine’s day, why not bake your feelings away? It’ll give you a way to distract yourself, and the end result is a delicious baked good!

(And then you can eat you’re feelings away. Yay…)

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