The Strangest & Most Fascinating Fruits and Vegetables From Around The World

4. Dragon Fruit

These funky looking fruits are not just pretty to look at, but also refreshingly delicious to eat. These fruits are native to Central and South America and come with either white or red flesh, dotted with black sesame seed-like pits.

5. Morel Mushrooms

These wrinkly mushrooms certainly make you question whether they are the edible kind or the kind that will have you tripping. But actually, morel mushrooms are sought by gourmet chefs from around the world and are pretty expensive too. They grow in areas that have been affected by wildfires.

6. Durian

This thorny fruit has been nicknamed “the king of fruits”, and people tend either love it or hate it. This polarizing effect is due to the smell it gives off. In fact, it’s so stinky that it’s even banned in certain places in some countries where its popular, like Singapore and Thailand! But if you’re able to get past that, you will be rewarded with sweet, creamy custard-like flesh on the inside that is really yummy.

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