10 of the Longest Living Animals on Planet Earth

4. Koi Fish

These Japanese fish have a typical life span of 25-30 years, but there have been several records of some of them living for more than 200 years. One particular koi fish, named Hanako, was said to have passed away in 1977 at the ripe old age of 227. The age of a fish is estimated it’s scales, similar to how the age of a tree would be estimated through the rings on its trunk. They are popularly domesticated and kept in ponds to beautify outdoor koi ponds or water gardens.

5. Jellyfish

The appropriately named “Immortal Jellyfish” goes through a Benjamin Button like process, where it starts de-aging. Once the jellyfish reaches its maturity, it bends over into a ball. While this might symbolize death in most other animals, this jellyfish emerges wholly anew in its polyp stage. It keeps repeating this process over and over again, making it the closest thing to immorality we’ve seen on planet earth!

6. Greenland Sharks

Greenlands sharks live up to 200 years on the regular, but one of them has been recorded to have lived for 400 years. This makes it the longest living vertebrate in the entire world! Their impossible long life spans may be attributed to the fact that they grow really, really slowly. In fact, their size increases by only 1 cm per year, meaning they only reach maturity when they turn about 100 years old.

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